Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oct. 20 Talk by Jorge Zeballos: Cosmic Race, Rainbow People and Other Myths

El 20 de Octubre se realiza a las 17:00 en el Phoenix Room la Lecture Presentation por Jorge Zeballos:

Cosmic Race, Rainbow People and Other Myths:

As the Latino population has become the largest population of color in the country, there is increased scrutiny into how it defines itself racially. This is evident by the number of articles published in the national media and a recent study by the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research. How do they see themselves? As white? As indigenous? As black? As mixed? These questions are explored at the Ally Conference as Jorge Zeballos, an experienced diversity consultant, speaks about the racial identity of Latinas and Latinos by examining the historical and contemporary forces that shape that identity. After setting the historical context, participants are led through an honest dialogue on the impact of this issue on the struggle for social justice in this country and in Latin America.

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